We kept Sage from Duke and Brandy, born 4/22/2008. We needed another female. I retired in 2010 and can devote more time to raising and training dogs. Sage and I did a hunting training video that I now give with each pup. She caught on quickly to training. This is how I train my dogs and a picture showing what I am talking about makes training easy. Sage seems to have a blended temperament and hunting style as Duke & Brandy. She ranges out a little further than Brandy and closer than Duke when hunting. Sage is white and orange, ticked. She has the same chiseled athletic look and style as Duke. We have gone to South and North Dakota hunting the wild ones. This honed her hunting skills and I am using her now for guiding pheasant hunts. If possible Sage is even more affectionate than her mother Brandy. Sage loves to be in your lap but will wait quietly for some petting. She is a contented lover. Sage past away in August of 2021.