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  • June 13th, 2022 Jade was bred by Murphy. She is 10 and I did not plan on her breeding, but she had other ideas.  I would expect a small litter if she settles. 
  • August 19th, 2022 Jade had 2 male puppies. All are happy and healthy ready to meet their new owners 

I currently have 3 females on the waiting list with a deposit down and 6 others on my stand-by list. I am waiting to see if Cutter gets bred in March of 2023. My brother-in-law also has a female, Gracie from me. His breeding plans are currently undecided.

If you have an interest in a pup, and would like to get on the waiting list for a future litter or if you have any questions please use the contact page to call or email us anytime.