Cutter is 5 years old in January 2024. This will be her second litter. Cutter is from Jade and Boom. She weighs 25 pounds. Cutter is bred to Murphy, my grandson’s dog. Her pups are due June 3rd, then 8 weeks later you can pick up your pup. I am planning on breeding her again in November.

Dondi, my brother-in-law, has Gracie. Gracie is 3 years old also from Jade and Boom.
They are not breeding this year as their son's family is living with them while their home is being built. Gracie's first litter had 7 pups.

If you have an interest in a pup, and would like to get on the waiting list for a future litter or if you have any questions please use the contact page to call or email us anytime. 

Update: Cutter had her pups Sunday, June 2nd. She had a total of four pups. One mostly orange female and three males mostly white with some orange spots. The males have similar markings as Cutter. See available pups for more information