Duke is a field English Cocker Spaniel who was born on October 30, 2000. He is 4th generation from Scotch /UK bloodlines. His great-great grandfather is a son out of the Queen’s Kennel. Duke’s father, grandmother, and great-grandmother were used in Wisconsin by licensed guides for pheasant hunts. He is registered with Field Dog Stud Book (FDSB). Duke was easy to train. We had six 1-hour lessons over six weeks with a trainer and he was ready to go hunting. I did additional control training but that was it. I believe Duke trained me more than I trained him. He is a natural hunter. I would take out my friends and they just raved about how well Duke did. In the first two years of hunting there was one bird shot that we did not find. He is a close working flushing dog ranging out 20 – 25 yards and working back to me. Duke is a dark liver and white, ticked color weighing 32–34 pounds. He stands 17 inches tall at the shoulder, and is 30 ½ inches long nose to tail bone. Duke has that chiseled athletic gait and is very fast when he turns it on. It is fun to watch him move in the field. Duke is a calm lover. He will lay beside me quietly waiting for an occasional petting. He loves his neck, ears and tail scratched, everywhere else is ok too. When going for rides he likes to sit and lean against me.

Rest in peace my buddy, 10/30/2000 – 1/2/2016