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Rowdy 2016

I am taking the time to tell what a joyful adventure it has been having Rowdy in my life. He is the happiest,most loving pet I have ever had! As a pup, he loved cuddling and nestling as close as he could to anyone and everyone. Wild and yet so gentle with babies( I have a grandson born the day before R) He and Cooper(9) get along so well ! Cooper ,of course , is boss and often “tattles” when R is naughty. Rowdy loves his life here and leaping through the woods. He spends most of his time outside, exploring close by or going for a swim in the pond. As you see below, the muddy end is his favorite.  He is so smart and has a mind of his own,so we are still working on training. Often, he will not come in at night and I go to bed with him outside. Within 10 minutes, he is at the bedroom window alerting me that he is now ready.
If you have contacts in the area for training, please let me know. It is something he and I would both benefit from. It sounds as if you and Terry are off to a great start on the new adventure of retirement ! Wishing you good health and safe travels. Thanks for keeping in touch!     Dale

The bottom picture is Rowdy at 8 weeks, Bill.

Roudy 1 Roudy 2DSCN0054

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Sweakers goes to a new home

Dale picked up Sweakers tonight.  Sweakers is renamed Rowdy.  The last one to leave.  I am puppy less again!  We still have Duke, Sage, Jade and Max so I will servive.DSCN0054

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