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Oakley almost 2 years old

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Oakley 4 months


Sorry it’s taken so long to give you an update on Oakley, but it’s been just crazy this spring
Oakley is a wonderful dog.  What a great addition to the family.  You know the old saying, “Dogs smile with their tails,” well, Oakley must be a very happy dog because he smiles with his whole body.  When he wags his tail, he wags with his whole body.  And, just the same as Max, he grins!  It’s really amazing, when I come home, he runs up wagging his body, smiling.  

He has boundless energy, of course, and he seems to have amazing prey drive.  He’s getting pretty good at retrieving, but delivery to hand has been a bit of a challenge.  He likes to play keep away, or he wants to play tug of war.  He’s only what, 4 months old, so maybe he’s still a little young to expect a lot.  Outside, he has his nose to the ground and explores every inch of the yard.  He’s right on top of the rabbits, squirrels, and birds.   Hard to get him to focus with distracting sights, sounds and scents. 

The other day we were out early, well before sun-up.  He immediately began his patrol of the yard then came up to a quick stop.  I thought he was looking at me, but he was actually looking past me.  When I turned around there was a large doe standing in the yard, literally 10 feet away.  It was great fun to watch him challenge the doe.  He got low to the ground and slowly moved toward the deer.  When they were about 5 feet apart he stopped, tail in the air, and gave a low bark.  The deer stood her ground and lowered her head, pointing her nose and ears at him.  When she moved, Oakley retreated to the safety under my feet.  The doe turned and slowly walked away.  When she walked away, Oakley immediately went into pursuit.  Good thing I had him on the long line. 

He’s been to the vet twice now for check ups and shots.  All is well, he’s very healthy and growing fast.  Our Vet just loves him.

As I said, he’s a wonderful dog and a great addition to our family. 

Any advice on early training, specifically as regards the delivery to hand?

Here’s a picture.  The photo is a couple weeks old now, but what a ham!
Inline image
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