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Molly at Five

Hi Bill
Happy New Year to you and family. Just a recent photo of our Molly now five. What a wonderful breed the field cocker is. Molly is our third and all are wonderful family members and hunting companions. Never a dull moment and always the eager hunter.
Best to allMolly

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Molly 2016

Duke’s legacy continues and will be remembered through all  his puppies. We couldn’t
ask for a better member of our family. Here’s a couple pics of Molly for you. 8f49b390-4eb3-4767-b667-33ab898c1ad1 c3d2e1ec-49de-443c-a1fe-14f19df27698
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Molly 2014

 Molly is doing great … she has matured (almost 5) , and is part of the family.  She has Rosemary wrapped around her paws ! I dont get to hunt her near enough, but she takes it out on all the birds , bunnies and squirrels in the yard, I figured out long ago that a a couple good runs a day make her a lot more passive in the house –now she has grown to expect them and will bark at us when she doesn’t get out for her evening run.  Heres a couple recent pictures of her in the house — (sorry not much to choose from, Rosemary is the photographer and most pictures are on her computer …
Take care, Ted OltMolly 2014
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I finally got Molly out to the local hunting preserve yesterday. (She’s been out in the field, but not with good opportunities for birds). She loved it, and was a champ. She found all six of the birds we put out, bagged and retrieved three (one flush out of range, one flush behind a tree so I couldn’t shoot, and one I just plain missed). It was a good start…she clearly has the instinct and the drive, and stayed pretty close most of the time. The big gun didn’t bother her a bit …in fact, when a hunting party in another field let loose a volley, she went crazy looking for a fallen bird. She loved it! And didn’t even mind the bath and picking out burrs afterward. Rosemary came along and took the pictures, and really liked how mellow (i.e. tired) Molly was the rest of the day.

Hope your trip to South Dakota was good…

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