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MacKenzie Center Outdoor youth days

The MacKenzie outdoor youth days held May 18 & 19, 2016 were a big hit. Fourth and Fifth grade students, teachers and chaperon’s attend the outdoor learning field trip. Pheasants Forever shared a tent with Friends of Poynette Game Farm and Access Ability of Wis. We heard several students say they were looking for us as they had heard from last year’s students about making “mud balls” and the baby pheasant chicks. We had the students mix mud with Milkweed seed into a ball that they could take home and plant for a pollinator project. The kids were excited to hopefully get Monarch butterflies to use the milkweed plant. The students also had a chance to operate the access chairs and learn how this can help disable studens and adults enjoy the outdoors. Max the English Cocker Spaniel was also a big hit with several of the adults and students. Several groups came through two to three times just to see and handle the baby pheasant chicks! DSCN0225 DSCN0216 DSCN0218 DSCN0224 DSCN0219

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Cooper’s first hunt

Andy brought Cooper, Dondi came with Lilly & Elvis the parents and myself with Sage, Jade & Max on a hunt at a game farm.  It has been a long, very cold winter and the dogs have not been able to hunt all winter.

Cooper with Andy

Cooper’s first rooster

Andy with son Cooper, father Elvis and mother Lilly

Cooper with his second retreive




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Max is recovering nicely from getting hit on the road April 26.  The fluid on his left rear leg by one of his breaks on his pelvis has went away.  Now he is starting to get another on his right rear leg by another break in the pelvis.  Max can now run again only 3 weeks after being hit.  He is not back to full speed and can not make hard cuts yet.  I do expect a full recovery.

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Max is Home

The vet called today and said that Max could walk by himself without help!  He was quite surprised.  I was ecstatic!  Max will not need surgery.  We have to keep him quite and away from the other dogs.  He gets his pain and antibiotic medication every 12 hours for 10 – 14 days.  Max has a hard time with steps and he does show when it is time for more medication.  All in all not bad for getting hit by a vehicle.  Here are some pictures we took after he was home.

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Max & Jade got out of our yard when the gate did not close completely due to high winds. Max got hit in the road. Jade set up a terrible barking. I heard it in the house and called the dogs. Jade came from the road and returned thru the gate. Max did not show up. I went and found Max dazed in the ditch bleeding. We rushed to the vet where they X-ray, medicated and kept him overnight. We went back Saturday to see Max. He is better with a broken pelvis. Our vet thinks he will recover on his own but wants to verify this. They will send the X-rays to an orthopedic surgeon to see if he will need surgery.  We will visit him again today.  He likes to see us.

Max is my primary stud English Cocker Spaniel. He is one year old, very affectionate and showing a lot of potential for a top bird hunting dog.  He will be even better than Duke in his prime.

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