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Lilly’s pups getting closer

Lilly is getting big with pups.  She is due between May 12 till 18th.  You can feel the pups moving around so it will probably be sooner rather than later.  The welping pen is set up in the house and Lilly likes to go in it.  Dondi & Margaret are excited for the big day.  These will be Lilly and Elvis’s pups.  Here she is on a recent hunt.  Lilly jumped up on the hay bale to check out the birds.1-facebook_1493635473662 1-facebook_1493635548109

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Cooper’s first hunt

Andy brought Cooper, Dondi came with Lilly & Elvis the parents and myself with Sage, Jade & Max on a hunt at a game farm.  It has been a long, very cold winter and the dogs have not been able to hunt all winter.

Cooper with Andy

Cooper’s first rooster

Andy with son Cooper, father Elvis and mother Lilly

Cooper with his second retreive




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