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Hi Bill, and Duke & Brandy!

Got your message on the phone and was going to call you back but I decided to write you a letter and send you some pictures of my little girl. Lady is definitely a hunter. Where we live we have 30 acres and all around our house we have smaller pine trees. Lady goes from tree to tree getting baby birds out of their nest. She is constantly bringing me little presents on my front door step – like birds, mice, and bones from other animals. Lady loves butterflies, sometimes watching her chase a butterfly, I think, she thinks, she can fly!

Lady sleeps with me and my husband and is my alarm. When it gets close to the alarm going off, Lady is already giving me kisses, licking me, and jumping on me. Lady gets plenty of exercise. Everyday I hop on my 4 wheeler and take the dogs around our land so the dogs can run. We have a woods in the back and Max (her big brother) kick up rabbits and chase them. We also have a little woods kind of next to our house where there is raccoons and woodchucks. Whenever we can’t find Lady that’s were she is. Up north (Phillips, WI) we have a cabin on the lake (Musser Lake). Lady loves to swim. We can not keep her out of the water. Last time we where up north there was a family of geese in the water. Papa, Mama, and 12 babies – Lady jumps in the water and chases them. Of course the Papa & Mama wasn’t very happy about that and let Lady knows who’s boss. We have a couple of red squirrel families in the trees. Lady knows what trees there in. She will sit by the tree and wait patiently for the babies to come out. Lady has come close to getting a baby squirrel but hasn’t got one yet. On our shoreline, there are a lot of frogs. She spends a lot of time catching them.

As you can see Lady is a very busy girl. At night when I finally get to relax, my little girl is setting right beside me. Lady is a great little smuggler!

When our family gets together there are 4 children and 6 dogs. Lady is in 7th Heaven, somebody to play with.

Jim and I are so happy to have Lady in our life. She is everything we wanted in a dog. I hope you enjoy the pictures and the fact that Lady is doing fine and very much loved! Will keep you updated on Lady and thanks for calling and checking up on her.

Diane Kennedy
And my little girl Lady

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