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KJ’s chair, he does share.

Hey Bill,

I just wanted to let you know that KJ (AKA-Miss Wisconsin) is doing great. She had an amazing year as a hunter and a companion for such a young puppy. She is amazingly well behaved, listens well, was quickly house-trained and has a great instinct to trail birds. She’s funny when she flushes a grouse she gets so excited she screams at it. I sent some pictures of her….as you can see she is spoiled rotten. She’s a great buddy and goes everywhere with me. I need to work with her on retrieving though. She flushes the birds great but after I shoot them she runs to them and likes to lick them. Now this is actually kind of funny to see but I have to correct it so she can finish the job. I have some frozen birds and wings to attach to the retrieving dummy so hopefully working with that in conjunction with a starter pistol will help. If you have any suggestions to help with this I’d appreciate any tips you may have also. I hope all is well with you and the family.

KJ Hunting with Cris

Best wishes,
Chris Morrone

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