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Jetta & Aero

Jetta is an awesome hunter, and she reads me so well I hardly need a whistle.  Aero might have a better nose, but often gets distracted by it.  He gets better with each hunt, so he will get there.


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Jetta and her bird

I could write pages about my puppy from Mr. Schaller, but I will be brief. Jetta as we call her is everything we hoped for and so much more. My four children adore her, and my wife (not a dog person) loves her like her fifth child. I am pretty fond of her as well, and each time I hunt or train her she finds a new way to impress me. She is extremely intelligent, and eager to learn. She hunts close, and I enjoy watching her work. She can trail a runner like a pro already (she is 14 mos.), and she never misses a retrieve!

As for Bill, he genuinely loves his dogs, and is always an E-mail or phone call away for advice, or just to share a hunting story. I would certainly recommend Schaller’s English Cockers to anyone who wants a dog that is just as at home in your lap as in the field!


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How are you doing? I just wanted to drop you a line, and let you know that Jetta continues to impress me. She hunts nice and close, and rarely flushes a bird out of gun range. Also, when she gets out too far, or I need her to change direction, she responds nicely to the whistle. The only problem I have with her is if she gets after a runner I cannot stop her to the whistle. Do you think she will learn with experience that when she does this I do not shoot, so she can’t retrieve it? I’m trying to train her without an E-collar, and we are still working on steadying her wing and shot. She does great in the yard, but with all the excitement of the hunt she forgets her training. Any advice? Oh, by the way, she never misses a retrieve, and brings them reliably to hand. I LOVE this dog.

Take care. I look forward to hearing from you.

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