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Lee & Ellie

First So Dak limit!  The big old bird had 32 bars on the tail feather and honest 3/4″ spurs!  Glad you had a good hunt! Lee       Ellie is 6 years old.Lee & Ellie

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Eick family visit

Lee, Christy and family came for a visit to see the pups.  They have first choice of the females.   Ellie also came along.  She is from Sage, 2011 and is the sister of Lilly.  Ellie is very smart and has turned into a great hunter.   Lee reported that Ellie did more to train him to pheasant hunting than he did to train her.  She hunts close and has a great nose.  Ellie has been to Minnesota, Colorado, Kansas and mostly Wisconsin hunting.

Lilly and Ellie - sisters

Lilly and Ellie – sisters

illy and Ellie - sisters

illy and Ellie – sisters

Lee and Ellie

Lee and Ellie

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DSC01295 DSC01278

Lilly and pups

Lilly and pups

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Ellie Dec 2016

I hope the New Year is treating you well! I just wanted to give you an update on Ellie. She’s turned into an absolutely awesome dog.  She just turned six and she’s in her prime. We went to SW MN last December. It was just Ellie and I. We only ended up with 3 birds due to my terrible shooting. She flushed about 12 roosters within range and I flat out missed! Ellie was not happy!  Once the nerves settled down I started hitting them. Had a couple crazy 30 plus bird flushes!  Lots of hens. I attached a couple pictures.

ellie Dec 2016 Ellie 2016

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Hey Bill,
I just wanted to give you an update.
On July 25, Christy had our son Sawyer.  He is growing like a weed and will be tagging along on hunts before I know it! I can’t wait!
Yesterday Ellie got her first bird of the year, a nice rooster pheasant.  She is such a smart and determined dog!  I’ve hunted over quite a few different dogs and none have hunted as thoroughly as she does. She leaves no piece of cover unchecked no matter how small.  I don’t know how many times she has surprised me by flushing a bird from somewhere a bird shouldn’t be!
I hope everything is going well and I’m hoping to take a little road trip sometime to see you guys.
Take care,
Lee, Christy, Sawyer and Ellie

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Ellie and a prized rooster

I just wanted to share a photo with you of Ellie and her first wild bird, a woodcock. Ellie and I went grouse hunting near Crivitz last weekend. She managed to put up 10 grouse, only 2 which I shot at and missed. She also put up 5 woodcock and I thankfully was able to put one down for her. She absolutely loves hunting and does a great job at finding birds. I’m still learning how to read her body language when she is on a bird. I wasn’t ready for a number of the grouse. I think that will come with time and experience hunting with her. All in all she is doing great for an eight month old puppy being trained by an inexperienced trainer like me. Still working on the retrieving. It’s coming slowly. She is at least starting to retrieve fresh killed pigeons now. I’m being patient and keeping it fun like you suggested and it seems to be working. I’ll keep in touch. She is great puppy and she is really starting to come into her own now. She behaves well in the house and hunts like crazy!

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We’re glad to hear everything is going well with you. Sounds like you’re enjoying your retirement – some work, some dogs, and some family time! Enjoy your upcoming vacations!

Our little girl Ellie is doing great. She’s so sassy – I think you called it right when you said she was going to be a handful! It’s funny to see how birdie she is! We’ll say, “Ellie, where’s the birdie?” And she’ll look to the sky! But, seriously, she loves chasing her pheasant wings and we just introduced her to pigeons a couple weeks ago, which she loved! We discovered last week that she’s not afraid of gun shots at all…she didn’t even flinch. We’re still working on fine-tuning, or even just tuning, her obedience! She’s a very head strong little girl and has lots of drive for birds. We’ll email you if we have any questions about training as we get further along.

We’ve attached some pictures of her. We think she’s so adorable – almost too cute for her sassiness!

We’re happy you’re keeping in touch – please continue to keep us up-to-date on your dogs!

Take care,
Lee & Christy

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