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Lilly’s pups due May 23rd and Jade’s pups due June 20th of 2020.

We stay in contact with the people who have bought puppies from us. Several of the new owners have become good friends. It is hard when the puppies go to new homes, but it is also wonderful making new friends who have a great love of dogs. Several puppies have been brought back for hunt training. Many owners call or email with training questions or to just visit. I enjoy talking about the dogs and hearing how they are progressing. This is what makes raising puppies fun. All of our puppies live in homes and are working dogs. This is our breeding intent.  A well manner companion in the home and a champion hunting dog. All of the owners have report back the keen bird instinct in the puppies.

All of our puppies are litter registered with Field Dog Stud Book (FDSB) or American Kennel Club (AKC). We have had liver, orange, buff, black, brown and white, ticked colors in our puppies.

All the puppies we have sold have gone to homes where the puppy serves dual purposes. Wives tend to like the temperament and size for an in the house dog. Children like to have a good natured buddy to play with. Husbands like to hunt with a high quality hunting dog that is a good companion.

Puppies we have sold have gone to homes all over the country. While many of the puppies have stayed in Wisconsin, we have puppies in Pennsylvania, Nevada, North Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Washington, Alabama, Missouri, Iowa, Michigan, California, New York, and several in Texas.

Some owners are using the puppies bought from us for license guided hunts in their area. Three puppies in Texas are used for guided hunts of Pheasant, Quail, Dove, and Chucker. A guide in Texas registered his dog, Duchess, with American Kennel Club (AKC) for field trials. Another pup, Audrey has won 2 of 4 hunt tests to being a Junior Hunter. One of our puppies in California went to a couple that wanted a house dog that could do agility work. Fenway completed her training, amazing her trainers and she has done agility at the competitive level.  Matt & Gauge participated in the National Bird Dog Circuit, March 2015 at the Flying M Farm in Mikado, MI.  Gauge won the “Flushing Division, Top Gun”.  If you want to our bloodlines can give you a champion hunter.  First and foremost our pups are great companions and gentle with the kids in the home.

For litter announcements and puppy availability see “News“.

With the purchase of each puppy you’ll receive a dog training DVD. Here are some samples from the video:  Also visit    www.youtube.com/watch?v=9y8jve4AzNU                                                                          and visit              www.youtube.com/watch?v=PR4yvXKAgbM

Keeping the Dog Cool

Proper Check Cord Use

For litter announcements and puppy availability see “News“.

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