Murphy & Cutter

Murphy is from Lilly and Elvis born 7/11/2018.  He now belongs to my grandson Braden.  Murphy wants a lot of attention and is always trying to climb in your lap.  A very affectionate lover.  Coloring is solid brown whith white on his bottom jaw and front chest.  In the field Murphy is constantly searching for the birds.  A great little hunter with a soft mouth.  I will be studding Murphy with Cutter.

Cutter is from Jade and Warhammer (Boom) born 1/4/2019.  Cutter likes to lay in my lap and rest her head next to my face.  Cutter is very affectionate and still very much a puppy.  Her hunting is progressing nicely.  Her first heat was the end of August.  We are planning on breeding her for 2021 litter with Murphy.  Cutter’s coloring is mostly white with orange.  She is 21 pounds on 3/14/2020.1-image0 (2) 1-image1 (3) 1-image2 (1) 1-image3

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