We also kept Jade from Duke & Brandy, their last litter.  She was born August 1, 2011.  Jade is liver and white, ticked.  She looks like Brandy but chiseled like Duke.  Jade is a big time lover, who is always in my lap.  That is her favorite sleeping position.  Jade’s training is on going.  She is very aggressive after training her with pigeons.  We went to North Dakota this 2013 season.  She disappeared the first day a couple of times after the roosters.  I put the training collar on her then and never had to use it the rest of the hunt.  In hunting back home on public I have not used the collar on her.  Jade loves to hunt and she is learning to control her aggressiveness.  Her hunting style reminds me of her father Duke when he was young.  Jade weighs 28 pounds.

Jade had her pups 5 days ago.  12/26/14

Jade had her pups 5 days ago. 12/26/14

Jade making a retrieve back to me 2/9/14

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