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Monte available

I hate to do this,but I need to find a new home for Monte. He will not give up chasing my cats. They are used to having dogs in the house and want to accept Monte but he will not give in. I think he needs a place where he can be used for hunting. I can’t give him enough exercise to keep him calm. He is a very loving dog and wants to please,but he just has to much energy for me. He also is digging up our yard and I have tried every remedy I know of but to no avail. Sorry about it because I love him and he is very attached to me  but I feel he’d be happier hunting. Joan

Monte birthday 5/28/2016.  He is 4 months old and ready for field training.

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Max is recovering nicely from getting hit on the road April 26.  The fluid on his left rear leg by one of his breaks on his pelvis has went away.  Now he is starting to get another on his right rear leg by another break in the pelvis.  Max can now run again only 3 weeks after being hit.  He is not back to full speed and can not make hard cuts yet.  I do expect a full recovery.

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