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Snoopy E

Snoop E. at a little over one year old (from Lily’s July 11, 2018 litter). He continues to do very well.


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Hello from Lake Superior.
After 4 1/2 months together, I can say that this English cocker spaniel is a revelation to me.  Absolutely great, perfect for what I want and need.
She is amenable, tractable, optimistic, playful, social, communicative, affectionate, loyal, and her orange coat is just beautiful.
We have worked with fetching stuffed animals, then balls, then dummies…and soon will be on live birds (I’ve got a couple doves in my chicken coop.  We’ve learned basic commands and are responding to the whistle.  I introduced her to the sound of the .22 while retrieving and she is unphased by it.  She has shown a good nose for the dummies I throw into the tall grass and brush.
And she started swimming on her own a couple of weeks ago, so we spend a lot of time in the water.
Thanks for everything.
James1-IMG_20190312_175225208 1-IMG_20190328_072205228 1-IMG_20190410_173234457 1-IMG_20190608_184227897_BURST002
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Reggie & Cooper

Hi Bill! Here is a cute photo
Of Reggie and Cooper. Our doggie day care took it! They are doing great. Cooper is already showing that he is an amazing hunter and jumper! They are bummed that spring went away with this snow storm.

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Augie at work

My daughter on her 16th birthday.
Augie at work1-IMG_0287 1-IMG_20190317_1155007
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Molly at Five

Hi Bill
Happy New Year to you and family. Just a recent photo of our Molly now five. What a wonderful breed the field cocker is. Molly is our third and all are wonderful family members and hunting companions. Never a dull moment and always the eager hunter.
Best to allMolly

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Murphy’s first hunt

Murphy is my grandson Braden’s pup out of Lilly and Elvis, 6 months old.  Friday did a little training with Murphy and Braden.  Murphy found the bird, flushed and retreived after a short flight.  We used cliped wing pigeons.

Sunday went to a game farm and had a hen pheasant put out.  Murphy hunted it up, flushed and Braden shot it.  Murphy found the bird, barked at it as it was still flapping it’s wings, then picked it up and brought it back to Braden.  The game farm owner remarked that he will be a great hunter.

Bill Schaller 1/6/2019

Braden & Bennett

Braden & Bennett

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Hi everyone,
I thought I’d share a few pictures of Mollie at 4 months with you.   We absolutely couldn’t be happier with her!   She is a wonderful combination of sweet, a little sassy and very smart.   She has grown so much, weighing about 16 lbs now.  Teaching her commands and house training has been going pretty well. We are training her to ring a bell on the front door when she needs to go outside.  It’s been somewhat hit and miss for potty breaks, but she rings it loudly when she sees a squirrel out the window that she wants to see better! : ) She has a beautiful shiny brown coat with orange undertones that remind us of Bella more than Lilly.  But, we think she looks more like Elvis.  Interesting how the genetics work!
Susan and John 1-IMG_7489 1-IMG_7497 1-IMG_7499

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We are excited to share some pictures from our first year with our wonderful Kayla.  She is everything we could wish for. She loves the water, pheasant hunting, meeting new people and new experiences.  Every day with her brings us joy.
As you can see she is a beautiful version of her dad.

Thank you for bringing her into our lives!

Jim and Jackie

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July 16, 2018   Tony

I had my ankle surgery on Friday all went well and I have some time so I thought I would give you an update on Charlie (Chuck). First off what an amazing little guy I don’t think I have ever had such a smart pup! He has turned into my wife’s side kick and goes where she goes. The first night I put him right between my two Beagles and he slept the whole night through without a peep and continues to do so. He is trying very hard to be their new best friend which is going slow but not for a lack of trying on his part I think they are too set in their ways for his new ideas and the constant coaching and pep talks he gives them but they do allow him to share in daily chores like holding down the couch.

Outside he has quickly taken well to helping run training camp with bear hounds which started 7/1. He has mastered riding shotgun both in the hunting truck and on the four wheeler and is quite helpful bringing me equipment like the trackers and the radio mic whether I need them or not.

In the woods and fields up north and at home his nose is always going and he never hesitates to take the lead to hunt out whatever wild things are there to be flushed. He did a phenomenal job flushing a painted turtle while swimming down by the pond who chose to retreat into his shell after ample coaching and pep talks from Charlie plus I think he got pretty dizzy being spun like a top.

On a serious note though I have never had a pup that catches on as quickly as he does. For his age he is doing a great job with all of the basic obedience commands and is a natural when it comes to retrieving, he is a true pleasure to work with.

We are really enjoying this new member of our family and I will keep you updated with his progress.


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Gracie 2018

We went hunting today and as usual Gracie was outstanding.  Quarting closely, flushing, and retreiving.  What a joy to see her passion and joy doing what she was bred to do.  October 23, 2018  Ken

Note: Gracie is seven years old.

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