Hey Bill,

I’m sorry it’s been so long but I wanted you to know that our dog is doing great. She is healthy, happy, and has been camping a couple of times…she loves it. I think she is probably over 17 pounds now. She keeps her nose on the ground sniffing everything, is an ant killer, and has expressed interest in birds. I have been bad with training but she she is a family dog first and the kids absolutely LOVE her. They love it when she rides along with dropping¬† them off at school and it has made a great difference in their attitudes. Who knew that she would make such a difference in a family’s life? I know you did.
Many thanks to you and Don for allowing Frostie to find us. Someday, it would be fun to get Frostie and Lilly back together for a visit.
Hope you and Don are doing great!!!
Sincerely,  Jim
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