Pups 5 weeks old

Pups are very active.  Love to go outside to potty.  They even go up and down steps already.  Eatting solid dog food now.DSC08978-001 DSC08980-001 DSC08981-001 DSC08982-001 DSC08983-001 DSC08984-001 DSC08985-001 DSC08986-001 DSC08987-001 DSC08988-001 DSC08989-001 DSC08990-001 DSC08991-001 DSC08992-001 DSC08993-001 DSC08994-001 DSC08995-001 DSC08996-001 DSC08997-001 DSC08998-001 DSC08999-001 DSC09000-001 DSC09001-001 DSC09002-001

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