Hi Bill!

Just wanted to write a note to check in. How has the winter been treating you? We got your Christmas card and letter. Sounds like you had quite the ordeal in Europe! Hopefully the trip was still worthwhile.

Merlin continues to be one of the loves of our life. He always acts as that wonderful reminder of unconditional love. We just celebrated his second birthday on the 21st of February. As you saw on facebook, I made him some home made doggy treats. He enjoyed them a lot!

      Even though the winter is cold, we still love to get out and hike. This past weekend we did a five mile walk through the Greenbush trails in the northern Kettles. Merlin just loves it! We are able to let him off of leash because the trails are pretty remote. We put a GPS tracker on him once and found that on average he goes 1.5 times the distance that we do. Adam and I think it is actually more, but the GPS tracker could only track to a small degree of accuracy. The five mile hike was almost enough to tire him out. Adam and I were pretty pooped after we were done. We like to get out and get a quality hike with him at least once a week if the weather and our schedules permit us. This past time he flushed out a few animals including one rabbit that was way too fast and nimble for him. He still put up a good chase though.
      I hope things are going well. I’ve been enjoying seeing the pictures of the pups. It’s always so exciting to think about new homes experiencing their pups. I hope you have a great rest of the winter and spring!
Kathryn and Adam1-Merlin 1-unnamed


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