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Dear Bill & Terry,
Thank you for your yearly letters. We enjoy reading them & keeping up w/pepper’s Mum. I’m a little sad that she is retired but totally think it is well deserving. It is my selfishness that makes me sad as I love pepper so much. She has & continues to give our family so much love & joy.  Enjoy the picture.Pepper
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PF Pheasant hunt

It was a great afternoon for a great pheasant hunt w/the Pres. of our PF chapter.  Pres. and Vice Pres. need to hunt together more often than we have!  9 birds.  Mr. Bill Schallers English Cockers were very impressive and I got pictures with two of the pups from the new litter!  A really good day overall.  Ericunnamed (3) unnamed (4) unnamed (5)

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Augie 12/3/17

My daughter’s first bird. Flushed and retrieved by Augie.  Jon     (Augie is 9 months old)


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Roscoe 11/24/17

Hi, Bill:
Just wanted to give you an update on Roscoe, who is 18 months now.
He’s developed in a really strong hunting dog. He did a great job on woodcock earlier this year. (He loves woodcock—he’s a cocker, after all!) Grouse were scarce, but he flushed and retrieved a couple of those, too.
A couple days ago I was hunting pheasants in southern Minnesota. In about four hours of hunting, flushed five hens and two rooster. The first rooster went down hard and Roscoe was on it right away. The second, however, was a different story. We were working a sorghum food plot. I could see the plants thrashing wildly as Roscoe worked something about 10 yards to my left. Suddenly, up jumps a rooster without a tail! Kind of freaked me out at first, which is my excuse for whiffing on the first shot. I shot a second time and felt that sickening feeling as the bird sailed away, dropping about as fast as the setting sun. A runner for sure, I thought. Roscoe was over there immediately, but we couldn’t come up with the bird. I let him work the area about 20 minutes, but we found nothing. So we worked the field over again—it was big, about 150 yards by 1500 yards. Finally, at the very end of the field—about 120 yards from where the bird dropped, I saw Roscoe wrestling with something in the sorghum.
It was a rooster without a tail.
Greg Breining
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Milo 2

HI Bill,

Its Jess, just thought I would send a quick update on Milo who is nearly 6 months now.  He is doing well and fitted right into our family and won everyone’s heart over.  He follows me everywhere and loves to play fetch and retrieves very well. He also loves going for calf cart rides with the wind blowing his ears.

 He is fully crate trained and likes to have alone time in his crate sometimes. He is very easy to train and picks up on new tricks within 1-2 days. The only one that took a while to master was potty training but he has got it now.

He has a high bird instinct and whenever he is let out of the house he sprints for the chickens and has successfully caught several, luckily not killing them. However, he has caught a wild bird in our garden when he was younger.

Thank you for bringing such a happy and loving dog into our family, he never ceases to bring a smile to our faces. Hope all is doing well with your new puppies and all your other English Cockers.

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Lee & Ellie

First So Dak limit!  The big old bird had 32 bars on the tail feather and honest 3/4″ spurs!  Glad you had a good hunt! Lee       Ellie is 6 years old.Lee & Ellie

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I thought I would drop you a quick note.  I hope all is well.  I wanted to let you know that Reggie is an amazing pup with such hunting drive and wonderful personality.  Reggie and I go everywhere together and I just love spending time with him.  We have been working on his training and going out and practicing bird hunting.  You would be pleased to know today Reggie got his first grouse and did an amazing job.  Last week he flushed a pheasant and we are just beginning. 1-IMG_2611 1-IMG_2615 (1) I am truly blessed to have such a great companion.  Thank you so much for introducing us.  I hope all is well with you and your family and wonderful English Cockers.  Take care. Sincerely,
Corey and Reggie

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I’ve attached a couple of pictures of Finn, now 3+ years old (3-30-14 birthdate, from Jade).  He remains a cheerful, eager companion, fast and athletic but also, as Jon sometimes says “a big baby with fur” that crawls onto Jon’s lap for an evening snooze.  We are often complimented on how handsome he is, and we can only agree.


Thank you for bringing this great dog to us, and warm regards.


PeggyFinn three & half years Finn playing

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Oakley 4 months


Sorry it’s taken so long to give you an update on Oakley, but it’s been just crazy this spring
Oakley is a wonderful dog.  What a great addition to the family.  You know the old saying, “Dogs smile with their tails,” well, Oakley must be a very happy dog because he smiles with his whole body.  When he wags his tail, he wags with his whole body.  And, just the same as Max, he grins!  It’s really amazing, when I come home, he runs up wagging his body, smiling.  

He has boundless energy, of course, and he seems to have amazing prey drive.  He’s getting pretty good at retrieving, but delivery to hand has been a bit of a challenge.  He likes to play keep away, or he wants to play tug of war.  He’s only what, 4 months old, so maybe he’s still a little young to expect a lot.  Outside, he has his nose to the ground and explores every inch of the yard.  He’s right on top of the rabbits, squirrels, and birds.   Hard to get him to focus with distracting sights, sounds and scents. 

The other day we were out early, well before sun-up.  He immediately began his patrol of the yard then came up to a quick stop.  I thought he was looking at me, but he was actually looking past me.  When I turned around there was a large doe standing in the yard, literally 10 feet away.  It was great fun to watch him challenge the doe.  He got low to the ground and slowly moved toward the deer.  When they were about 5 feet apart he stopped, tail in the air, and gave a low bark.  The deer stood her ground and lowered her head, pointing her nose and ears at him.  When she moved, Oakley retreated to the safety under my feet.  The doe turned and slowly walked away.  When she walked away, Oakley immediately went into pursuit.  Good thing I had him on the long line. 

He’s been to the vet twice now for check ups and shots.  All is well, he’s very healthy and growing fast.  Our Vet just loves him.

As I said, he’s a wonderful dog and a great addition to our family. 

Any advice on early training, specifically as regards the delivery to hand?

Here’s a picture.  The photo is a couple weeks old now, but what a ham!
Inline image
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Bill, thought I would drop you a note to let you know that Reggie ( formally known as Tanner) is adjusting great. He follows me everywhere and already retrieves well. We are working on crate training and he seems to be fitting in great with my family. We just love him. Thanks so much for the opportunity to be part of such wonderful breed of dog. My family truly enjoys watching him learn. Thanks again.
Corey and my new buddy “Reggie ”

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