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I thought I would drop you a quick note.  I hope all is well.  I wanted to let you know that Reggie is an amazing pup with such hunting drive and wonderful personality.  Reggie and I go everywhere together and I just love spending time with him.  We have been working on his training and going out and practicing bird hunting.  You would be pleased to know today Reggie got his first grouse and did an amazing job.  Last week he flushed a pheasant and we are just beginning. 1-IMG_2611 1-IMG_2615 (1) I am truly blessed to have such a great companion.  Thank you so much for introducing us.  I hope all is well with you and your family and wonderful English Cockers.  Take care. Sincerely,
Corey and Reggie

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I’ve attached a couple of pictures of Finn, now 3+ years old (3-30-14 birthdate, from Jade).  He remains a cheerful, eager companion, fast and athletic but also, as Jon sometimes says “a big baby with fur” that crawls onto Jon’s lap for an evening snooze.  We are often complimented on how handsome he is, and we can only agree.


Thank you for bringing this great dog to us, and warm regards.


PeggyFinn three & half years Finn playing

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Eick family visit

Lee, Christy and family came for a visit to see the pups.  They have first choice of the females.   Ellie also came along.  She is from Sage, 2011 and is the sister of Lilly.  Ellie is very smart and has turned into a great hunter.   Lee reported that Ellie did more to train him to pheasant hunting than he did to train her.  She hunts close and has a great nose.  Ellie has been to Minnesota, Colorado, Kansas and mostly Wisconsin hunting.

Lilly and Ellie - sisters

Lilly and Ellie – sisters

illy and Ellie - sisters

illy and Ellie – sisters

Lee and Ellie

Lee and Ellie

DSC01321 DSC01312



DSC01295 DSC01278

Lilly and pups

Lilly and pups

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Sassy titled

Dad wanted to breed her but Sassy wanted no part in breeding so he ended up getting her fixed. He always joked about having a dog with morals LOL.

Sassy just earned her AKC canine good citizen, then we go to therapy dog training. She will still hunt with me now and I want to get her into some agility classes too. This girl can jump pretty high and is super fast! We gotta keep her busy!  1-20170228_210435

Note:  Don died and now his daughter Jennifer has Sassy.
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Roscoe 9 months

Hi, Bill:

I just wanted to give you an update on Roscoe, who’s nine months old next week. He’s showing great drive on finding birds. He eagerly pursues and retrieves downed pheasants now. He can still be a bit bone-headed about staying in range when he’s on the scent of a bird, but he’s really developing into a great bird dog. And he’s a fantastic companion in the home. This was taken this week at Major Avenue Hunt Club near Glencoe, Minn.1-Roscoe@MajorAve
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Ellie Dec 2016

I hope the New Year is treating you well! I just wanted to give you an update on Ellie. She’s turned into an absolutely awesome dog.  She just turned six and she’s in her prime. We went to SW MN last December. It was just Ellie and I. We only ended up with 3 birds due to my terrible shooting. She flushed about 12 roosters within range and I flat out missed! Ellie was not happy!  Once the nerves settled down I started hitting them. Had a couple crazy 30 plus bird flushes!  Lots of hens. I attached a couple pictures.

ellie Dec 2016 Ellie 2016

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Here Han Solo’s hunting report. He has a great nose, is very excited about birds, quarters naturally. Lots of energy.

Paul and Brittni

Han Solo on the left, still a pup.

Han Solo on the left, still a pup.

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Sassy 6 yrs

Hi Bill and Terry,
My name is Jennifer Booth. My father is Don Booth. Six years ago my dad got a beautiful English Cocker Spaniel from you they named Sassy. She is doing so good and I wanted to just send you an update.
My father sadly passed away unexpectedly in Aug of 2015. My stepmother Lynnette and I co-own sassy now. Sassy was very stressed and quite upset by my dad’s passing. She sort of developed seperation anxiety from it so we make sure other than a few hours a day that I work she is never alone. She has become my emotional support dog in the process.
I have been able to bond with her and even take her hunting just like she loved to do with my dad. She is currently enrolled in a class for canine good citizen and she starts this Tuesday. She has been such a blessing to me as she is my little piece of my dad. She loved him so much.
Sassy enjoys cuddling in the morning. She’s a big baby in the morning! LOL! She also enjoys hunting obviously, retrieving balls. We even got an automatic ball thrower and she can do it all herself! She barks in excitement! She loves to play in the snow and is extremely loving. She’s very attached to a stuffed pig that she unstuffed and it is now a rag shaped like a pig. She loves it so much we have to replace them once in awhile!
Thank you so much for such a beautiful girl! I love her so much!
Once my stepmother retires I don’t know at this point if she will take her back fulltime or let her stay with me as we are both pretty attached!! Lol It’s hard not to! If she does I will definitely save up to get another beautiful English Cocker Spaniel from you. She is just amazing!  I’m including a few pictures so you can see her today and one with her last hunt with my dad! :-)
Jennifer Booth sassy-1

Jennifer & Sassy

Jennifer & Sassy

sassy-pup-growing dons-last-hunt-with-sassy

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Han Solo

Hi Bill, today  Sept 14, 2016 we completed our first trip with both of the boys. We took them to Gatlinburg.  Han Solo fly’s like an old pro.han-solo

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