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Pups 5 weeks old

Pups are very active.  Love to go outside to potty.  They even go up and down steps already.  Eatting solid dog food now.DSC08978-001 DSC08980-001 DSC08981-001 DSC08982-001 DSC08983-001 DSC08984-001 DSC08985-001 DSC08986-001 DSC08987-001 DSC08988-001 DSC08989-001 DSC08990-001 DSC08991-001 DSC08992-001 DSC08993-001 DSC08994-001 DSC08995-001 DSC08996-001 DSC08997-001 DSC08998-001 DSC08999-001 DSC09000-001 DSC09001-001 DSC09002-001

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Piper, 6 momths

Piper 6 months

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Lilly bred May 12, 2018

Dondi’s Lilly with Elvis was bred on May 12 and/or earlier.  Once bred 63 days later (9 weeks) July 14? pups are born.  When the pups are 8 weeks old they go to new homes, Sept 8.    Elvis & Lilly have 3 deposits on only orange & white female’s.

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Bella’s pups 9 days old

DSC08695 DSC08696 DSC08697 DSC08698 DSC08699

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Pictures of Bella’s pups

DSC08624 DSC08625 DSC08626 DSC08627 DSC08628 DSC08629 DSC08630 DSC08631 DSC08632 DSC08633 DSC08634 DSC08635 DSC08636 DSC08637 DSC08638

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Bella’s pups

Bella has 4 big, healthy puppies this morning by 8:30 AM.  Labor lasted two hours, very quick.  Colors are all brown with a small white spot on the top of their head.  Some have another spot on their neck and or toe’s.  We have had 2 previous pups that were all brown out of about 150 pups and now have 4 more in one litter!!!  Two males and two females.  Terry is off attending a photo training shoot.  So pictures will be coming later.  Pups were all pre sold.

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Greetings Schallers,
Here is Charlie at 2 months of age…this is a non-edited pic of him…haven’t had time to deal with my own shots, ha!  He is sleeping in a small kennel beside me (Tamara) and is getting better each night at going longer and longer without a potty break. He is full of energy and is responding beautifully to his name!  We love him!  Thank you so much!
Tamara and familyCharlie

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Hi Bill, here are a few photos of Coco. Can’t believe in the photo she is
just 4 years old. She is a very good pet and hunter. She is especially good
with children.

We just referred a dog lover and hunter to you.

Hope you and your family are well.

Renee and Ralph 1-IMG_3102

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Hi Bill

Thought I would let you know that Cubbie (born March 30, 2014) has now passed his AKC “Good Citizen Test” and is now involved along with Wrigley in Reading Programs with kids at two elementary schools.  Plus pet therapy at a local retirement home.  He now truly has a job and is doing very well.

Cheers Stan & Kathy

This is a picture of Cubbie as a pup with Wrigley.  Cubbie has his own bussiness card.  Bill

Cubbie and Wrigley June 8 2014

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Chief 2016

Chief (my mom’s dog) went with me to North Dakota this year and did really well.  He has a nice nose, a little goofy (he is obsessed with chasing shadows and light reflections), but a nice boy nonetheless.  I am attaching a picture of him with a limit of pheasants we got in 45 minutes of hunting.




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